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Service for product

Aroma oils and candles extracted from natural plants...

The energy of naturally derived skin care, etc.

expressed on its labels and packaging.

To potential customers through logos, signage, EC sites, SNS, etc.

We will also help you with your approach.




ONLINE にて 1 時間程度無料にて​相談しましょう。


Please let me know online

Please tell us about the thoughts, stories, characteristics, variations, etc. behind the items.


Please take a look at the rough draft of the figure and shape appropriate for the item.

Let's discuss the direction.


Please take a look again and as soon as you get the Go sign.

​Move to implementation.

Please note that you can make up to three revisions.

Please send the item

Take the item into my hands and use the energy I have.

I will read it and actually use it.

Master direction

We will be more specific in line with the direction.


Once we receive the go sign, we will move on to implementation.

Please let us know if you would like to deliver only data.

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